Book Series Submissions

All inquiries and proposals are sent to the General Editor (Dr. Brian Dolan).
To submit a book proposal, email the following:

  • Brief description (two paragraphs) of project: general subject, what is original or unique about it, how long is the book (word count preferred), when do you anticipate submitting final Word files?
  • Author bio: what expertise or qualifications do you have as authority on the subject?
  • Provide a brief (one paragraph) biographical sketch and include reference to other relevant publications of yours.
  • Provide table of contents and introductory chapter for preliminary review.
  • Reviewers: Please submit names of three people in the relevant field who you feel would provide expert review of the work. These may be considered in addition to recommendations provided by our editorial board.

Our Process

The General Editor conducts a preliminary review of all inquiries to determine if the
proposed book fits the remit of our medical humanities book series.

  • Full consideration of the project and decisions to publish cannot be made until the entire completed manuscript is submitted and referee reports received. If we receive positive reports, then we will offer a contract agreeing to publish subject to any corrections.
  • For edited volumes, a separate publication agreement (author copyright release form) is required for each contributing author upon issue of publication contract.
  • Only in rare circumstances (such as occasional submissions within edited volumes) do we re-print previously published material.
  • Timeframe from submission of final manuscript to receipt of first page proof is typically two months; from receipt of corrected proofs to publication an additional four months.
  • The Press offers no royalties or payment to authors for books; we depend on subventions and grants to support the production process. We are committed to open access and because physical copies are produced print-on-demand at production cost, we make no profit on any publication. Our goal is to provide publishing opportunities for authors who want to share their insights and perspectives for the common good. We produce peer-reviewed, original, writings in many fields relating to healthcare humanities at professional publishing standards. Books are catalogued with the Library of Congress, made available for retail purchase (at production cost price) on retail sites like Amazon, and articles (sometimes chapters) are assigned DOI numbers for California Digital Library.