Remembering Paul Beeson: A Tribute From His Students, Residents, and Colleagues

This book contains descriptions of 22 persons, professors of medicine, many of them trained by Beeson, who write about their recollections of Paul Beeson. The book follows Beeson’s life, from his birth, early childhood in Alaska, college at the University of Washington, medical school at McGill, and residency at the University of Pennsylvania, to and private practice with his father and brother in Wooster Ohio. Seeing that he was not very good at surgery, Dr. Beeson took a fellowship at Rockefeller Institute in New York City with Osswald Avery. He then served as Chief Resident to the renowned Soma Weiss at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital at Harvard, which led to the Chairmanships of the Departments of medicine at Emory, Yale, and Oxford, to a distinguished Professor at the VA in Seattle Washington. The book concludes with the speakers comments at Beeson’s memorial service at Yale.

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